Keynote and Q&A speakers refer to participants who will provide pre-recorded talks and will participate in the Q&A sessions on Monday. Panelists and Moderators refer to the members of the 3 regional panels on Thursday, January 28.

Keynotes and Q&A Speakers

  • Communication after a disaster: from Fukushima to CoVID-19 pandemic Sae Ochi (Lecturer, Jikei University)

  • How to get support for your science Hitoshi Murayama (Principal Investigator, IPMU/MacAdams Professor of Physics, University of California, Berkeley/Faculty Senior Staff, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

  • Scientists' and Producers' Happy Marriage: How we can be Collaborators Yuri Sudo (Senior producer, NHK)

  • Making a Conference InclusiveKumiko Usuda-Sato (Outreach Scientist, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)

  • Science for policy: from evidence to actionChloe Hill (Policy Officer, European Geophysical Union)

  • Levelling the playing field Claudia Alves de Jesus-Rydin (Senior Programme Officer, European Research Council)

  • Using poetry and games to develop dialogue between scientists and non-scientistsSam Illingworth (Senior Lecturer, University of Western Australia)

  • Science, media and storytelling Jacopo Pasotti (Freelance science journalist)

  • Science Education in the 21st CenturySun Kwok (Honorary Professor, University of British Columbia)

  • No Longer Optional: Why Scientists Must Engage With Political Society Casey Dreier (Chief Advocate & Senior Space Policy Adviser, Planetary Society)

  • Building a Purposefully Compassionate Science Community in Covid-timesPamela Gay (Senior Education and Communication Specialist and Senior Scientist, Planetary Science Institute)

  • Supporting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in STEM Fields Lindsey Malcom-Piqueux (Chief Institutional Research Officer at the California Institute of Technology).

  • Rocio Caballero-Gill (Researcher & Associate Faculty, Brown University/co-founder, Geolatinas)

  • Hanna Song (Senior Director for Inclusion & Diversity, Caltech)


  • Elizabeth Tasker (Associate Professor, Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency)

  • Daishi Matsukura (Founder & CEO; wov, inc.)

  • Chaitanya Giri (Fellow of Space and Ocean Studies, Gateway House)

  • Rieko Takahashi (Curator, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan), Tokyo)

  • Mirjana Pović (Professor of Physics, Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute and Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía)

  • Simonetta Fraschetti (Professor in Ecology, University of Naples Frederico II)

  • Ana Arana Antelo (Advisor to the Deputy Director General, Directorate General "Research and Innovation", European Commission)

  • Pedro Russo (Assistant professor of Astronomy & Society, Leiden University)

  • Emily T. Cloyd (Director, Center for Public Engagement, American Association for the Advancement of Science)

  • Tony Baylis (Director, Office of Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Programs, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

  • Farah Qaiser (Science communicator)

  • Craig McClain (Executive Director, Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium)


  • David Kornhauser (Director, Global Communication, Kyoto University)

  • Alex Penn (Senior Research Fellow, University of Surrey)

  • Caleb Scharf (Director of Astrobiology, Columbia University)

  • Carl Zimmer (Science writer, New York Times)

  • Lea Bello (Science video journalist)